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 Anti-Anxiety Formula eBook


Short Description: Discover The Proven Strategies To Overcome Anxiety... Banish worry TODAY and live a panic-free existence! 




Chapter 1:
You & Your Anxiety: How to Overcome Your Stuck Points
Chapter 2: Your Mind, Your Body: How to Face Your Inner Demons
Chapter 3: Overcoming Resistance to Change
Chapter 4: Reflection - How to Arrive at Acceptance and Move on from There
Chapter 5: Acting against Angst: How to Act on Your Fears & Achieve Your Goals 
Chapter 6: Navigating Self-Imposed Obstacles: How to Stop Being a Hard Task Master
Chapter 7: Preventing Burnout: How to Overcome Your Anxiety without Getting Tied-Down by the Idea of Perfection
Chapter 8: You’ve Got This: How to Banish Worry & Live Panic-Free



There is much more information included in this eBook. 

Anti-Anxiety Formula eBook

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