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 Happiness Through Self-care eBook


Short Description: Finally! End Stress, Anxiety, & Burnout by Following This Simple Plan to Soothe And Care for Your Body, Mind, & Spirit.




Chapter 1:
Self-Care Using CBT & Mindfulness 
Chapter 2: Silencing The Inner Critic 
Chapter 3: Self-Fulfilling Prophecies 
Chapter 4: Looking After Looks 
Chapter 5: Taking Care of Your Health 
Chapter 6: Letting Go of Regrets 
Chapter 7: The Power of Gratitude & Self Compassion 
Chapter 8: Say Goodbye to Social Anxiety
Chapter 9: Changing Your Environment 
Chapter 10: Why There’s Really No Need for Low-Self Esteem 
Conclusion: Your Blueprint for Self-Care



There is much more information included in this eBook.  

Happiness Through Self-care eBook

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