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 Mindset Transformation eBook


Short Description: Discover a Simple Guide to Shifting Your Mindset to Attract Anything You Want In Life! In This Course, You'll Find Out How to Gain a Winners Mentality!




Introduction: It All Starts With Your Mind
Chapter 1: Understanding Your Brain – Some Basic Psychology 
Chapter 2: The Power of Neurotransmitters
Chapter 3: Improving Your Mental Health With the Right Food and Sleep
Chapter 4: Mindfulness and CBT for Improving Your Mindset
Chapter 5: The New You – Dressing for Success and More
Chapter 6: How to Think About Failure and Risk the Healthy Way
Chapter 7: How to Know What You Want and Go After It
Chapter 8: 5 Powerful Exercises for Increasing Your Confidence
Chapter 9: A Simple Workout Anyone Can Stick To
Chapter 10: How to Maintain a Positive and Happy Mindset
Conclusion & Summary



There is much more information included in this eBook.  

Mindset Transformation eBook

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