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 Self Confidence Secrets eBook


Short Description: Would You Like To Discover a Shortcut TO SELF-CONFIDENCE?




Chapter 1:
Let's Get Clear First!
Chapter 2: The Problem with Modern Self-Esteem
Chapter 3: The Real Foundation of Self-Confidence: COMPETENCE
Chapter 4: Develop Real Self-Confidence through Competence
Chapter 5: Setting Your Game Plan for Competence-Based Self-Confidence
Chapter 6: Start with something you already do well 
Chapter 7: Allow your objective competence to become a part of you
Chapter 8: Take ownership of more areas of your life
Chapter 9: Understand that self-confidence can be limitless 
Chapter 10: Make sure there is no disconnect between your internet and external confidence



There is much more information included in this eBook.  

Self Confidence Secrets eBook

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