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 Self Confidence Transformation eBook


Short Description: It's Finally Time to Become the Confident, Assertive, Powerful YOU That You Always Could Have Been! Discover Step-By-Step How to Become More Confident!




Introduction: Why Self-Confidence Changes Everything
Chapter 1: Defining Confidence
Chapter 2: The Decisive Action-Taker
Chapter 3: Overcoming Social Anxiety – Be Socially Bulletproof
Chapter 4: Social Nootropics.
Chapter 5: Combating Chronic Low-Esteem
Chapter 6: Knowing Your Mission
Chapter 7: The Confidence of Success
Chapter 8: Fit, Strong and Stylish 
Chapter 9: The Most Powerful Tool: Meditation
Chapter 10: Putting it All Together: How to be Magnetic
Conclusion: Confidence Checklist



There is much more information included in this eBook.  

Self Confidence Transformation eBook

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