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 Simple Speed Secrets eBook


Short Description: Looking To Increase Running Speed & Burn Fat Fast? Learn The Secrets To Run At Lightning Quick Speed & Achieve Your Dream Physique!




Chapter 1: Why Are Some People Faster Than Others? 
Chapter 2: Things to do Before Beginning a Sprint Training Program 
Chapter 3: Introducing Sprinting into a Fitness Program 
Chapter 4: Simple Ways to Improve Sprinting Technique for a Beginner 
Chapter 5: Basic Sprint Training Routine for Beginners 
Chapter 6: Sprint Training Recovery 
Chapter 7: What To Look For When Buying Sprinting Gear & Apparel 
Chapter 8: Plyometric Training 
Chapter 9: The Importance of Strength Training & MuscleBuilding for Sprinting 
Chapter 10: Advanced Sprint Workouts for Teams & Individuals



There is much more information included in this eBook. 

Simple Speed Secrets eBook

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