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 Simple Stretching for Seniors eBook



Chapter 1:
An Overview of Stretching the Aging Body & Basic Anatomy
Chapter 2: Why Stretching Is Beneficial to The Aging Body
Chapter 3: Things to Consider Before Starting a Stretching Program
Chapter 4: Types of Stretches & Timing 
Chapter 5: Popular Stretch Training Programs & Their Effectiveness 
Chapter 6: Common Stumbling Blocks to Stretch Training & Dangers to Be Aware Of
Chapter 7: Overview of Stretch Workouts for Beginners
Chapter 8: Sample Stretch Workouts 
Chapter 9: Tools/Resources/Apps to Help with Staying Limber into Older Age
Conclusion: Tips to Add Stretching into Your Daily Life Long-term 



There is much more information included in this eBook.  

Simple Stretching for Seniors eBook

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