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 The Future of Fitness eBook


Short Description: Looking To Add Wearable Tech To Your Life But Don't Know Where To Start? Revealed! Exactly What You Need To Know Before Adding Wearable Fitness Tech To Your Life! Learn How To Incorporate Wearable Fitness Tech Into Your Life In The Ever Changing Technological World! 




Introduction: Why Are We In Need Of Fitness?
Chapter 1: What Exactly Is Wearable Tech? Should I Use It? 
Chapter 2: The Evolution & History Of The Wearable Device 
Chapter 3: Different Types Of Wearable Technology & Are They Safe? 
Chapter 4: The Benefits Of Wearing Technology Over Not Wearing It
Chapter 5: Things to Consider Before Investing 
Chapter 6: Comparing Wearable Tech & Smartphone Apps 
Chapter 7: Avoiding Common Beginner Mistakes with Wearable Tech 
Chapter 8: Making Wearable Tech Part Of Everyday Life 
Conclusion: The Future of Wearable Tech: Where to from Here?



There is much more information included in this eBook. 

The Future of Fitness eBook

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