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 The Power of Positive Thinking V2 eBook


Short Description: How to Level Up in Life Simply by Changing The Way You Think! Discover the Proven & Powerful Mindset Secrets That Highly-Successful People Use to Dominate Every Area of Their Life!




Chapter 1:
How Positive Thinking Works
Chapter 2: Benefits of Having a Positive Thinking
Chapter 3: How to Recognize "Blue" Thoughts
Chapter 4: What Negative Thoughts Do to Your Brain 
Chapter 5: Tips to Train Your Mind for Positive Thoughts 
Chapter 6: The Role of the Language We Use 
Chapter 7: Steps On How to Train Your Mind to Think Positive 
Chapter 8: Thinking Systems for Success: Planning Positive Future 



There is much more information included in this eBook.  

The Power of Positive Thinking V2 eBook

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