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Womenology 101: What Every Man Wants to Know About Women

A Relationship Book, Written by a Former Chippendale.


Table of Contents:

About Steve Kader

Chapter 1: The K.I.S.S. Method
Chapter 2: Be Younique
Chapter 3: He Said, She Said 
Chapter 4: How Women Think, What They Fear 
Chapter 5: Rapport and Approach 
Chapter 6: Confidence, Compliments, Chemistry, and Communication
Chapter 7: Body Language
Chapter 8: 101 Lines, Songs, and Dates
Chapter 9: 101 Interesting Facts about Women (these will blow your mind!)
Chapter 10: Perspective and Energy (Bonus Chapter)
Chapter 11: Hypno-Stuff (what I’ve learned, as a hypnotist)
Chapter 12: My Top Ten Tips
Chapter 13: In Closing 

Internet links for Bonus Audio and Video Material
(2 Workout videos and 5 Self-hypnosis Modules)
Womenology 101 Full Audio-book Link



There is much more information included in this eBook.

Womenology 101 eBook

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